MMF2017 – Sales - Q&A

1. What forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay by Cash on Delivery (COD) or by ATM card (Internet Banking registered), Visa Card, Master Card.

2. What bank cards can I use to pay?

We accept most types of bank cards in Vietnam which are already registered Internet Banking.

In addition, we also accept Visa and Mastercard.

All your personal information, transaction information are completely confidential! Your information will only be used for the purpose of purchase and will not be used by a third party!

3. Can I order tickets for others?

You can order tickets for others in the following way:

  • Step 1: Click the Buy Now button at
  • Step 2: Choose the ticket type.
  • Step 3: Fill in the personal information of the person you wish to book.
  • Step 4: Select payment method.
  • - COD (Cash on Delivery)
    - Inland ATM Card
    - International Visa & Master Card
    - Pay by Moca application
  • Step 5: Complete payment. The email and confirmation message will then be sent to the email address with the mobile number customer registered in step 3.

4. What do I do when I have technical problems while performing transactions on the website?

All technical errors in the transaction and payment, please call the hotline: 0949000622 (Sales) / 0949000633 (Technical Support) to receive the most timely support.

I. Other questions about ordering ticket for the festival

1. Can I use foreign currency to pay?

Sorry, for now we only accept paying in Vietnamese dong for all of our payment methods.

2. Can I deposit or prepay an amount of money for the ticket?

Please pay the full cost of your concert tickets for every transaction.

3. This year, does the festival have any favorable for the cost of the ticket forspecial subjects (university students, disabled people, old men, etc)?

The current cost of the ticket given by us is favorable cost for almost music-lovers! We are sorry to say that there is no discount for special subjects.

For the disabled only, we have 50 tickets for free for those who register early. For more specific, please contact hotline: 0949000622 (Sales) / 0949000633 (Technical Support)

4. I have discount code but do not know how to use it?

Please enter the code in the “Discount code” block on the screen when you are at “Fulfill your information” step. After that, please continue the transaction as suggested.

5. I do not receive any email/message about confirming the payment?

Sending message and email about confirming the payment can take from 5 to 15 minutes. Then please check it again and find confirming email at your main mailbox or spam one.

After the time mentioned above, if you still do not receive any confirming email/message, please contact hotline 0949000622 (Sales) / 0949000633 (Technical Support) to get instant support.

6. I lost the phone number and can not log in the registered email when paying, what do I need to do to get the online ticket back?

Please contact hotline 0949000622 (Sales) / 0949000633 (Technical Support) to get instant advisory.

7. How can I get VAT invoice when buying ticket right at the festival?

The cost of the ticket is already concluded VAT, so you can for sure receive VAT invoice for your paid transaction in 30 days time right after the festival is over.

Please contact hotline 0949000622 (Sales) / 0949000633 (Technical Support) to get instant advisory.

II. Change the transaction information

1. For reason related to working, can I change my ticket into another day?

Sorry, we have no support in changing your ticket into another day once it is successfully paid.

2. For personal reason, I have to change the registered phone number/email, socan I change that information?

We do not accept the changing in the customer information which is used already to buy ticket, so please do not change the phone number/email which is registered to buy ticket during the time of the festival to ensure your rights.

3. I want to upgrade my common ticket into combo 3 days ticket or VIP one?

The first case: Upgrade the common ticket into combo 3 days ticket.

To upgrade the ticket, please bring it with you to the announced place for changing wristband to be upgraded.

The second case: Upgrade common ticket into VIP.

This year, we only do upgrade common ticket into VIP which has the same date of performance. To be upgraded, your ticket has to be at the announced place for changing wristband.

III. Way of changing the online ticapplket into official one (Wristband – Vòng đeo tay)

1. Where and when can I change my online ticket into official (Wristband) ?

We will announce the time and place to change online ticket into official (Wristband) on:

Please update regularly the information via email, website and our fan page.

2. What do I need to bring with when changing online ticket into officialWristband?

To receive official ticket (Wristband), you need to bring with you the successfully transacted email or message having online code of ours to the place to change the wristband.

IV. Cancel the ticket and refund

Can I have the money back for paid ticket when I return or cancel ticket which issuccessfully paid?

Sorry, we do not refund money for successfully paid ticket for any case!

V. Some other frequently asked questions

1. I have children that are younger than 10, do they have to buy tickets when attending the festival?

Children under 1.2 m high are eligible for fee permission for attending the festival only if they are accompanied with adult.

2. Can I choose the ticket for sitting or seat in covered areas when buying tickets?

Unfortunately, all tickets of the event are standing - only tickets, and it will be an outdoor concert.

3. Which belongings or items am not I allowed to bring into the festival area?

  • All medicines that are or are not prescribed by a doctor, aerosol dispensers, drug with or without clear origins.
  • Glass bottles, plastic bottles, aluminum bottles, tin vials or other hard objects.
  • Any kinds of weapons, laser light, sharp items and, monopod, tripod.
  • Cigarettes are only allowed in some designated areas.
  • Poster, banner, or national coat of arms/signboard or any related object that have distorting or anti – socialist characteristics to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
  • Tablet computer, Ipad, go pro are not allowed on the show except from mobile phones.
  • Personal defensive weapons such as daggers, tear gas sprayer or any similar items.
  • Stimulants/ alcoholic beverages.
  • Lighter, candles, fireworks and flammable substance.
  • Seats in any form.
  • Professional recording devices, professional photography equipment, professional lens, or Flycam, Drone.
  • Food and beverages from the outside the show area
  • Any flammable items such as alcohol, perfume, body spray, gasoline, balloons.
  • Flashlight in any form.
  • Pet

4. Can I take photos or videos of artist on the stage during the performance?

Due to the copyright, DO NOT take photos or videos of artists on the stage.

5. What is a valid ticket for the show?

Official ticket (wristband) valid to attend the show is:

  • Electronic ticket has been changed to Wristband – Bracelet.
  • Wristband – the bracelet has no signs of being cut earlier.
  • Wristband – the wrist bracelet is attached to the wrist properly, according to the program guidelines.

6. The tickets that are bought at the ticket – selling system outside this program with lower price. Are they accepted for this show?

We are not responsible for tickets purchased outside of our ticket system.

7. I have my own invitation ticket offered by your Festivals's partner, can I use it to attend the show?

For electronic tickets, paper tickets, and ticket code provided by our partners, please bring it to the ticket exchanging points so that I can be changed to the official ticket (Wristband)

8. For some personal reasons, I cannot wear the Wristband for the whole 3 days without taking it off. Can I change this Wristband to something that I can take off?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this service.

9. My wristband does not fit my wrist.

  • In the case of Wristband is knotted too tightly to annoy the guest, please bring the wristband and change to a new one at the exchanging point.
  • To the Wristband that is knotted before the guest puts on, the Wristband exchanging will not be applied.