Cancellation & Refund Policy

1.Ticket Purchasing

Monsoon Music Festival by Tuborg is the organizer of the event, hence will be responsible to sell tickets as well as setting the number of tickets and prices.

2. Exchange, amend or cancel

Tickets once purchased CANNOT be exchanged, amended or canceled under any circumstances.

3. Transaction

If a transaction is successful, you will receive a confirmation of purchase with a code from Monsoon Music Festival by Tuborg. All transactions requests will be processed via OnePAY – an online payment system which supports online money transfers.

4. Ticket scan

Tickets will be verified at the festival site by scanning the code attached to the e-tickets.

5. Payment and Refund

Purchased tickets cannot be returned under any circumstances.

6. Lost ticket

In the case that you lose the email or SMS which bears the ticket code, you will be asked to provide us with your valid government issued photo ID in order to receive this email or SMS again. Codes which have been scanned and redeemed for wristbands will not be valid for another redemption under any circumstances.

7. Ticket scalping; Unauthorized ticket sales promotion.

Ticket scalping, forged tickets and duplicate tickets will be void automatically by the organizer of the event without a refund. We are not responsible for tickets purchased from unauthorized or unreliable sources which might be rejected to enter the event.

Besides, we have all the rights to reject to sell tickets to any individuals or organizations whom have violated the event’s terms and conditions.

Partners must obtain a written consent from Thanh Viet Production in order to use tickets for advertisement, promotions, raffle prizes or contest prizes. It is also agreed that our partners must respect the intellectual property rights.

8. The use of stolen or fraudulent credit and debit card.

We have all the rights to void any purchased tickets which are suspected of using stolen or fraudulent credit or debit card. Suspected customers who fail to verify their identity or if we are unable to contact the bearer of the ticket, due to the false provided email address or cellphone number, we will immediately void the tickets.